The Wetting Joey

Lou and Daynia really wanted to raise a baby joey (Kangaroo). While on tour in the outback, some friends gave us a joey whose mother had been killed by a car. Of course we knew dad wouldn't let us keep it on the tour bus, so we smuggled it through the back door hidden in a sack lined with sheep's wool.

Later that afternoon Dad heard something thumping around on our bunks. He cautiously went to investigate and saw the small sack wriggling about. He thought somehow a snake had slithered into the bus and took refuge in the darkness of the sack. Some Aussie snakes are silently deadly if discovered by a cornering hand. However, when two long cute furry ears followed by a pair of sparkling coal eyes and a button nose peered over the crest of the greenish nap sack, he knew he'd been stymied!

"By crickey?" He said to himself, "whatl I do wit em two gils of myn?"

It only took five minutes of sad eyes and mum's gentle persuasion to convince him we were responsible for the future of the entire kangaroo population which hinged on the survival and welfare of this single orphaned joey and we had to keep it.

"Ah Ryte, aredy! If ya tret it lyk a babee an ya git up ta feed it at nyte, yu cn keep it," he said like a hornet in a bottle.

"Fare enuff!! We promise!!" Exclaimed the girls.

That same night the kangaroo leaped out of its sack, which we'd hung on the door handle.

Rudely awaken Dad called for us. "Git outa bed an feed your kangaroo!"

The only sound of reply was a harmony of tonsils slapping against moist throats and amplified by wide open drooling mouths. Like a good mum, he got up and fed the new joey a warmed milk mixture with one of Lou's doll bottles.

It was a cold night so after finishing the bottle Dad wrapped the little guy in his shirt and tucked it under the blankets with him and Mum. No sooner had the lights gone out than he felt a warm, wet sensation seeping into his under shirt and trickling down his chest.

"Stone the crows!!!!" He shrieked. And like a possum up a gum tree Dad bolted out from under the blankets and went off like a bucket of prawns in the sun.

"That doughy joey thot I was a dunny!" He exclaimed discovering his nightshirt was soaked through and covered with little brown kanga doo-doos.

We were laughing hysterically! And if that wasn't enough, after changing shirts he put the kangaroo off the side of the bed and went to cuddle Mum. She took one sniff and repulsively said, "Oh, Bill! Yu smell lyke a soggy chook...get away!!"

He turned to the kangaroo and said, "Well my fair-dinkum mate, my love life's gone down the gurgler because of you."

We lost it!
Ha! HA! Ha!

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