This list is for all those who don't understand Aussie Lingo.
Come back every couple of weeks we'll add more words!

One day Daynia (keys) asked John (drums),"could you go get the mince out of the boot." Being American through and through he went to her closet searching for something that could be mince in her boots. Disgruntled he returned to find a big block of hamburger sitting on the counter and Daynia taping her foot with a "why didn't you help" look on her face. He'd been looking for the mince in her boots. Come to find out it meant, "go get the hamburger out of the trunk of the car."

Try Saying Some Of These!

avago-have a go (usually 'ya mug'-you fool-is added); try harder
barbie-short for barbecue
bewdy or bewdy bottler-good; the best
beyond the Black Stump-far from the city; the outback
bingle-minor car accident
bombed out-unsuccessful; also drunk
bushed-lost; also tired
by crickey-an expression of surprise
cark it-to die
cashed up-having plenty of ready money
cheesed (off)-bored; fed up
chewy-chewing gum
chook-a domestic fowl
chook raffle-a lottery in which the prize is a chicken; usually held in a 'pub' (hotel)
chuck a willy-go berserk
cobber dobber-a person who informs on a friend
cocky-know-all (like cocky on the biscuit tin); also a small farmer
come a gutser (cropper)-to fall heavily
cot case-a drunk or exhausted person, fit only for bed
deadhead-a stupid person
dead marine-an empty beer bottle
dead set-certain; assured; used as an exclamation meaning 'really!'
dead set against it-uncooperative
do a Norm-to act foolishly
do the lolly (melon; nana; loaf)-to get very angry
dob in-to betray or report someone to the authorities; also to nominate someone for an unpleasant task
don't get off your bike-calm down
drongo-stupid person
dunny-an outside toilet
esky-a portable icebox (brand name)
fair crack of the whip-ease up
fair dinkum-honest; genuine
fair enough-all right; acceptable
fair go-a chance; also an appeal for fairness
five finger discount-shoplifting
flake (out)-to collapse, to fall asleep
flat out like a lizard drinking-lying prone; also rushed, extremely busy
flush-having plenty of money
fossick-to search for something
full as a goog (tick; boot)-drunk
full on-all the way: full on excellent
garbage!-an exclamation meaning 'what rubbish, I don't believe you!'
go off like a bucket of prawns in the sun-to create a commotion
good one-an exclamation of approval
gutful-more than enough
have tickets on oneself-to be conceited
hit the deck-to duck; to put one's head down
hit the tin-to put money in the kitty; to contribute to a collection of cash
hoon-a stupid or uncultivated person; to cruise around
jigging-playing truant from school (skipping school)
kick in-to help out with money
knock-to criticise, find fault
knocker-a person who makes derogatory remarks
like a hornet in a bottle-furious
like a possum up a gum tree-moving fast
like a rat up a drainpipe-moving even faster
loaded-extremely wealthy; also very drunk
mate-good or best friend; also used to greet someone as in 'G'day mate'
matilda-a blanket roll carried by a swagman
m'oath-my oath, on my oath
mug-a fool; also face
mulga-rough country
no-hoper-an incompetent person; a social misfit
nosh-up-a good meal
nick-to steal
nick off-to go away; expression meaning 'lose yourself'
get nicked-to be caught
nifty-stylish; clever; shrewd to the point of dishonesty
ocker-the archetypal uncultivated Australian man
outback-the inland country far away from the cities
prang-minor car accident
rack off-to go away; expression meaning 'lose yourself!'
ring-in-a substitute
scungies-swimsuit worn for surfboard riding
shonky-poor quality;shoddy
skip-Australian-born (from Skippy the Kangaroo)
skite-a bragger
stinker-an objectionable person
stone the crows-exclamation of astonishment
swagman-a man who wanders around the country on foot and takes odd jobs
ratbag-a rogue; an eccentric person
rubbish-to criticise; to mock
ta ta!-bye bye!
take a sickie-to take a day off work
tax-to steal; to nick
tinnie-a can of beer
too right-an exclamation meaning 'I quite agree'
top drop-a good beer
true blue-genuine
twit-a fool
vegie-a silly person
veg-out-to do something foolish
wag it-to play truant
wheetie-a noisy skidding turn while driving
whinge-to complain
whopper-something surprisingly big
wowser-a killjoy; a prudish teetotaler
write-off-a total loss
yakka-hard or heavy work
yobbo-a stupid or uncultivated person
zonked (out)-tired out; exhausted

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