"Band of Wonder"

We began playing music as most people with not much talent or ability. Banging on pots and pans and twanging rubber bands between our fingers was the extent of our musicianship.

Sam bang pot

The only thing we had going for us was that we were between the ages of 4 and 8 years old. Daynia babyLou babySam babyJohn baby
Time was on our side.

After a few years passed Sam graduated from rubber bands to the violin/acoustic guitar/didgeridoo, Lou to the banjo/lagerphone, and Daynia to the piano accordion/aboriginal clicking sticks.

So you noticed he's not playing the violin, but it sure is funny!


"Meanwhile over in America our 10yr old drummer had gone from playing on his little sisters head to screeching the cello."


After years of singing with Mum and Dad to "the oldies" in local Outback retirement homes Sam, Daynia, and Louise discovered they had a great talent. They could sing, dance, play instruments, and act. So we put together a mini stage show of what amounted to the 'Australian Beverly Hillbillies.'


The bush band became very successful, so much so that we took the act on the road With an old bus, a dog, two kangaroo's, a chicken, and a woolly jumbuck, we toured all over Australia and "the outback."

Sam flexing

Another few years passed and we learned that we were all experiencing changes. Sam's voice began to squeak and lower in pitch (Right). Lou and Daynia began wearing shorter skirts to attract attention (Below left).

Girls/short skirts

They all thought they were pretty cool (Below right). We decided that "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport" was never going to be a hit on MTV. At least not bush style. So Sam traded in the violin for a macho electric guitar and amplifier, Daynia moved to the synthesizer, and Lou chose the electric bass. Oz Static was born! Girls/swimsuits

John/snare drum

"Meanwhile back in America our cellist had hung up his bow for a single snare drum and a pair of sticks."



We played local gigs in Queensland as the "Entrepreneurs"(Left). Mum and Dad still made us play bush music to the local bushies so we wouldn't forget our heritage. Something we are grateful for now! Then Lou decided she wanted to play in Japan. Just like that we packed our swag bags and hit Japan with our new rock image (Right).

The songs and music grew rapidly as Lou found and lost her dream guys. It seemed as if every time she got dumped we would end up with a whole album of material to make into songs. What a great thing getting your heart torn out and squashed is eh? (Ha! Ha!)

Sam flexing again

Sam wasn't doing so shabby either. He seemed to be turning out several ideas from his newly found manhood. Between Sam and Lou we had close to 30 songs before we left Japan to record our first album Big Dreamer!

Big Dreamer album

We always were Big Dreamers!

It took us six months to record Big Dreamer. When we got it we were so excited we shot a video for a song called "Dictator" which aired on "Rage," (Australia's MTV). Soon after we appeared on "Good Morning Australia." You may be surprized to know that Gordon Elliot was the host at the time. (We are all mates back home.) Here's a plug for 'ol "Gordy!"


"Meanwhile back in Washington state our drummer was marching through his first full length album with a local Spokane band called Edge of a Dream."

Isn't it ironic? Big "Dream" er----Edge of a "Dream."

"Some things are destined to be."

Next we decided to sell everything and head to America. The main reason being, there are more people in New York than in all of Australia. (For comparison see our Aus vs. USA page.) America proved to be our biggest growth spurt. We hit L.A. like a tidal wave knocking over a dinghy. There we recorded our second album "Save America"

Save America album

all about the crazy things that we experienced in L.A. Itís main purpose being to help families and individuals in desperate times. L.A. brought out a much more serious tone in the music because of the serious nature of the world's problems. We wanted to help! In fact when the big earthquake hit we went around performing in shelters and homes to cheer people up. It was a great experience. Uplifting people is what it's all about.

Oz Static was now in full swing. We were headed for something huge! We moved to Utah, near Salt Lake City. Why Salt Lake you ask?

John Sr picture

Well we knew that the new music capital of the U.S. started with an S. We just couldn't remember if it was Salt Lake or Seattle! It was the right move because it was there we met our illustrious drummer, John Buckner "Bucky." Plus it just happens to be right in the center of Billboard Magazine's mountain chart.

You're now up to date, almost. Here we hit on something that changed our whole outlook on the life of our music.


Teen fans in van

Where did they come from? Why are they here? Just to annoy parents?


Oz-Mania hit Utah!

Instead of playing at smoky clubs we hit elementary, Jr. High, and High schools. No offense to the college age people and older, but we know it is the youth who really run this world. In "Youth" lie all the hopes, dreams and future of us all.

Sunset Honey album

Our new album "Sunset Honey" inspired by teens was released in Utah to 100,000 Oz Static fans. We played up to eight Las Vegas style shows a day in schools all over the mountain region. In addition, we also played to young audiences in New York, Philadelphia, and California.

Rock on Babylon album

We love teenagers and they love us. The music and image speak for themselves.

Our motto: "Fun!!Happy!!Party!!"
"We're generating motivation!!!"

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