Fan Club Spectacular

You are the coolest part of our fan club!
Anyone who is into Oz-Static knows that we are a fan loving band.

The "Smore" Analogy

Oz-Static is the graham crackers, the music, chocolate, and the fans the gooooy marshmallow center. If one is missing the others just don't stick together. Together we are yummy!

All right, it's a bit mushy, but itís from the heart man! We'll go to any length to show our fans we love them and want them to be involved.

Rock On Babylon/Kickatinalong on Walkabout

We will soon be filming video shoots for the video of Rock On Babylon and our new TV show "Kickatinalong on Walkabout" Most likely we will be filming in Southern Utah, Southern Idaho, and Arizona. So keep looking for times on our main page.

Play It Loud Video Shoot

Fans chillin onPlay it Loud video set

Here's a picture from the video shoot "Play it Loud". That's track one from the Save America album. Youíre going to love this video when it hits VH1 and MTV. Its theme is, "Not all the good die young"!

We can all relate to being stuck at home alone on the weekend with no friends and nowhere to go. It stinks! But something magical happens when you crank up the stereo so loud the whole neighborhood thinks that youíre having a party. Soon they all come to join in on the fun!

Tip number one to popularity: "Play It Loud!!!" Believe in yourself and others will also believe in you.

We used about 250 of our Utah fans to make this video. We make our fans the stars in all our videos. So watch out for us or our crazy bearded manager with the colorful top hat at your school functions. We watch and pick fans that dance, sing, play instruments, ride bikes, skateboards, snowboards, or just look like stars to feature in our videos. You could be our next star!

BYU show
Our fans make the concerts a huge party! This one was at Brigham Young University in Provo Utah. 2,000 attended and it was a blast! Most of the time our Las Vegas style shows end up being a big party. A special thanx to all who came. We love ya all!

Media Play Party's

The band has been seen rocking out with fans at Media Plays all over the mountain region. Many of you may have seen yourselves on Fox 13 news recently! They filmed our latest Media Play party release of our new single "Rock on Babylon". Look for the band to play at a Media Play near you. Don't miss it!

Our Mates form South Ogden Jr. High

These guys know how to have a party!
They were the first class to design and use "Oz Top Hats" in a school play! They rock!
South Ogden youíre invited to an Aussie Barbie "Down Under".

Aussie Barbies

During the summers we meet our fans for a good ole' Aussie Barbie. We mingle, play volleyball, rollerblade, put shrimp on the barbie and of course eat smores!!

We'll do this again soon!


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