Sam playing guitar.


Sam Fever here! Guitarist/singer with Oz Static. (I'm the goofy one that wears the helmet and cape, etc.)

My page is dedicated to our loyal fans all over the world (especially in Utah) who've shown us sooo.. much love and support.

Whenever I look into the audience and see your faces, I can't stop thinking to myself how lucky I am to be playing for you!



Aside from the guitar, I also play the recorder, tin whistle, sax, fiddle, banjo mandolin, didgeridoo and drums.
When I'm not doing band oriented things, I hit the hills with my dog, TAZ, and my mates. Hiking, camping, Mountain Biking, rock climbing..... I love it all.

My recent adventures with TAZ include Zion Canyon, Grand Canyon, Wendover (Blue Lake), Capitol Reef National Park, Moab, and Goblin Valley.

Needless to say, we've fallen head over heals in love with UTAH. I can't wait till the snow melts a little more. TAZ and I will be some hikin' fools...

To be continued...

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