Lou "Joy" Bennett

Lou Playing the Bass

I was a "rocker" from the very beginning, and it took a while to find my groove!

I wrote my first song up in our tree house when I was 8 years old. It was very deep--about saving stray cats and dogs and not leaving their babies to cry. After singing it to the family they cheered me on like it was the greatest song ever written.

My illustrious songwriting career began!

I started playing the five-string banjo in our family bush band (hillbilly band). Daynia changed from piano accordion to the keyboard, and Sam changed from violin to guitar. I had the choice of either drums or the bass guitar. Drums looked like a bugger to cart around, so I bought my first bass, an Ibanez, which weighed more than I did. (First-time bass buyers, take into consideration your bass to body size. I didn't, and man, it was a dead weight after 2 hours of gigging.)

The weekend after we got our new gear we played our first gig. The reggae, speed metal, country, and pop rock versions of "Stand By Me" were very popular that night. (HA! HA! HA!)

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