Daynia curled on rock

Daynia Ruth


I'm Daynia, keyboard player, singer and costume designer for Oz Static. Yes, those crazy reversible hats are my creation! I love to have people design their own to suit their personality, then I sew it for them.

Besides playing in the band and sewing, I really enjoy painting. In fact, I painted the cover of our third album, "Sunset Honey." My next project is to paint a huge mural of the ocean and dolphins in my room. When I'm finished, I'll scan a photo onto this web page so you can see it!

I really miss the beach and body surfing in Australia so this winter I learned to snow board. It's a blast! Even Dad tried it and spent most of the day on his bottom sliding down the mountain. (Ha! Ha!)

If you're planning a trip to Australia, make sure you visit my two pet kangaroos!

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