KangaRed Kangaroo
This is the largest of all the kangaroos known as the 'Plains Kangaroo.' It is a large and heavy marsupial with a head-and-body length of 1.6 meters or more, and a tail of about one-meter in length. Their fur is short, dense and woolly, although most commonly red, the color varies in some regions. Usually, the big males are entirely dull red except for distinctive and unvarying black and white markings in each side of the muzzle, and the pale tail tip, while the considerably smaller females are blue-grey. Sometimes however the males can be entirely grey, or grey-bodied with the head red. Females are generally a different color to the males living in the same place although muzzle markings do not vary.

These kangaroos are found virtually all over the continent except the far north, the southeast and southwest forested and mountainous regions. They are able to withstand stresses from heat and shortages of water. These kangaroos even cease to breed when conditions become extremely adverse. Kangaroos can only produce one joey at a time, but in favorable conditions the female will keep an embryo in the uterus until the pouch becomes vacant. The new embryo will be born within a day of the first permanently vacating of the pouch.

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