WallabyAgile Wallaby
Wallabies aren't very different from the great kangaroos; their smaller size is the feature that sets them apart from their big relatives, and that too is no more than a consequence of their environmental specialization. Whereas the kangaroos are inhabitants of open spaces, the wallabies prefer forest under growth, or the scrub along rivers in open country. The Agile Wallaby of tropical northern Australia is also known as River Wallaby and Jungle Kangaroo because it hides by day in dense patches of tropical jungle or other dense vegetation (which in many places occurs along rivers and around swamps). It ventures out at night to feed in the lush tall grass.

This Wallaby has bright sandy or golden-brown fur with very distinct white hip and cheek stripes, and short ears. It has a head-and-body length of about one meter, and a tail a few centimeters shorter. Males increase in bulk and height while females stay smaller.